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Our Mission

The Florida Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (FBCC) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and develop Black economic empowerment in the State of Florida. This shall be pursued with the cooperation of chambers throughout the State of Florida for the purpose of promoting and providing:

Programs to attract the investment of resources for stabilizing and developing Black-owned businesses;
Channels to access capital;
Training and technical assistance to entities interested in economic development of the community at the sub-community and neighborhood development levels;
Developing tourism and cultural diversity destinations and programs to promote historic African-American communities to cultural heritage tourists, nationally and internationally;
To be a voice and advocate statewide for minority, women, and disadvantaged businesses;

How will the FBCC accomplish its goals? By having a shared vision, a targeted approach, and by working through our Standing Committees to achieve the overall success for the organization.

Economic Initiatives

FBCC Primary Economic Development Initiatives

Support the Economic Development programs of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Florida, and all state and local chambers in the majority and minority community that stress improvement of economic opportunities in the African American and minority business cores.

Support the efforts of the National Black Chamber of Commerce Initiative to increase trade and business opportunities with Africa, Latin America and Caribbean countries, to include the establishment of a World Trade Center in the Northern Gulf Coast to create trade partnerships in that distressed region for minority businesses.

Support the continued development of a Micro-Enterprise system that will benefit Florida's main employers— businesses with less than five employees. Target the Black Business Investment Board as the program manager.

Seek improvement in the funding of the state's public and private Historically Black Universities, Community Colleges, and the Vocational Education System.

Create a volunteer small business mentor/protégé program that will assist minority and women owned businesses by teaming them with mainstream business managers.

Support the efforts of the National Black Chamber in their expansion into cultural heritage tourism markets and their program to assist to minority owned microenterprises and tourism related businesses.

Seek and recruit businesses that have a successful history of operating in the urban core of major cities, and solicit their expansion into targeted areas to create jobs and opportunities for local residents.

Seek economic equality in the distribution of tax proceeds for economic and community development.

Seek parity in all governmental procurement programs.

Continue the effort to eliminate the Digital Divide that plagues the African American business community.

Support the development of a Farmers Support Network— to grow, process and distribute organic foods along the I-10 and I-75 Corridor.

Support the development of cultural arts clustering and assistance in the creation of cultural heritage tourism destinations in historic Black communities as a vehicle to educate cultural travelers and expand Florida's tourism base.

Support and expand throughout the state the Affordable/Essential Housing Program developed by the North Florida Educational Development Corporation.

Support the development of community-based, on-the-job trade programs to train disadvantaged youth in the traditional trades.

Provide all possible support to local health industry organizations to recruit minorities for employment in the health field and to conduct health education and screening programs.

Support the efforts and the state's Enterprise Zones and Front Porch Program Coordinators which includes supporting workforce development initiatives.

AND: As dictated by local chamber issues!

We Support:

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Forgotten Communities

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